Saturday, April 14, 2012

I know...

In july, this blog will have been up for one year.  I know it seems that no one is reading or contributing to it.  But, one thing that I have learned over the time since Nicky has passed, is that nothing is in my time or on my schedule.  What will be, will be.  We have no say in, not only what happens, but, when it happens.

If you have 'happened' on this site, you have done so at exactly the time you are suppose to be here.  Please share whatever you have on your mind and in your heart.  You have found us for a reason.  Don't miss this opportunity to express how you feel.  I know that your words will touch the person for whom they are meant.  I just know it.


  1. Your book was sent to me by a friend who was very moved by Nick's story. She mailed the book to me, and I was equally moved. We have had much loss in my family this past two years, most recently including an uncle who died unexpectedly after a sudden illness. I am forwarding copies of the book to each of my cousins, who struggle with their loss. Of the six children in that family, only a few have felt 'signs' from their father. I suggested they may not be recongizing them, or may not be ready to see the signs my uncle is leaving for them to see. Eventually, they will know, and 41 Signs of Hope might just help them be open to their unique signs.
    Thanks for writing about Nick, and your story. Loss can be tragic, but love is everlasting, and I am happy to hear that I am not the only one receiving signs from my loved ones.
    With joy,
    Margaret Peche

  2. My own story is as complex as any, but the bottom line is that my sister (19), her boyfriend/fiancé (26) and their two-month old baby (my nephew) died in a tragic train accident when I was 15 years old, twenty years ago this past Thanksgiving, in Syracuse, NY. There are a ton of 'signs' in my life that I have finally come to believe in as sent from my sister. Four years after her death, I lost another loved one - a good friend of mine died of complications of the treatment for her Hodgkin's disease, she was 19, as well. I've received signs from that friend, as well.
    Most of the signs I have received and truly noticed were given to me in my dreams. I have had ‘lucid dreams’ where I'm flying and where I'm floating up through the ceiling of my house, around the property, etc. One dream I had of my friend who died was so very vivid - more tactile than visual; I felt her touch me - it was so real and I was so floored by it that I started myself awake. I was disappointed that I woke myself up from it, but I have never forgotten that sensation - I am still, to this day, certain it was different and more real than any other dream in which I touched someone before. At this point, I believe whole-heartedly that she touched me.
    When I turned 30, I freaked out about starting the point in my life when I'd have lived more of my life without my sister than with her, and that year I had so many dreams of her, it was almost like I got to 'hang out' with my sister every night. We had fun and laughed and laughed, but at the end of each dream, it was always this sadness like she had to go away someplace and I had to let her go. I would often wake up a little confused - wait, is she alive or dead? Then, of course, I'd remember that she's really dead. But while I was asleep, she was just as alive as I was.
    Most of my signs have been fairly mundane and not obvious like some of the signs you have spoken about from Nick. I think your story is meant to be more obvious to help the rest of us out. Mine does not need to be because I feel it the way it is. I believe it. That's all that is important, anyway - for us to believe in them and to feel the love that they give to us.
    Lastly, I just want to say that I am about to be unemployed and I will be taking that time to write a book, myself. My blog is a rough-rough draft of my book: I am a scientist, a molecular biologist by training. My blog and book is about my 10 points describing a theory of everything. This theory is an all-encompassing theory that describes the universe and includes the spiritual experiences that humans have been having for millenia that have not been adequately explained by the current paradigms of science. We are at the brink of a paradigm shift: In this century, we will likely be able to show evidence that explains, scientifically, what our 'souls/consciousnesses' are and where they reside in the >4 dimensions of our universe (or multiverse, really). Right now, we have many, many theories in theoretical physics that can explain it, but no one of them can be excluded, thus cannot be tested scientifically, at this time. But...what I think people don't understand is that there is a vast amount of experiential data that could, actually, help to shape which theory may be closest to the Truth. The biggest problem is that the scientists that understand and create these theories in theoretical physics do not interact and take serious the medical doctors and lay-people that actual experience these 'spiritual' phenomena, therefore, they are not able to meld them together. Some people try to meld them, like myself, and the goal is to continue to try to get the word out: This is our reality. Science explains it, but science alone cannot verify it. OUR EXPERINCES VERIFY IT.
    I would love to correspond with you, Dave, and others whom I may be able to interview for my book (or just to chat)!
    Thank you,
    Jen Markovics

  3. I have never resd or heard of this book, but have discovered it after i have been seeing 41 everywhere. the first time i was driving home after being stuck in the snow and my radio station changed on its own to 94.1, i though it was strange and thought maybe it was a sign from a loved one to listen to that station, but there did not seem to be a message. as the days passed i contiuned to see 41 everywhere. I recently discovered podcasts and decided to get this signs from loved ones to listen to on a road trip to a friends house and there was this 41 signs of hope, 941 being his favorite! i am now going to have to get the book!!

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  5. Hi Dave,

    I e-mailed you last August as I saw you on Afterlifetv. After I watched your interview my phone made a sound and when I picked it up it was kindly e-mailed me back as I shared that I had lost my son too. You sent me a second e-mail inviting me here which I did not find until today (almost one year later)...Since my son died checking my e-mail and other things have become unimportant.
    I do not know why today was the day...but here I am!
    I have had some signs from my darling boy but of course not as many as I would like. Sometimes I think my grief is too great for him to break through. I will never stop searching and waiting.

    Here is one of them. A few weeks ago I was watching a medium on TV and there was a chance to receive a reading at the end of the show. I went to my laptop and completed the requested information on her website. The minute I hit submit a voice yelled...Mom, Mom, Mommy....It was a computerized voice so I figured it had to be a pop up with some kind of advertisment but nothing. I was so shocked as it was the same way my son used to call on me I want to believe it was him calling out to me as it was Mothers Day and I had spent a painful day in tears.

    I love your "41" signs and I know our boys are living in love and light. Much love to you and your family.


  6. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims and their families from there terrible ordeal. However I stumbled upon an EVP by accident and it begins at 6:57 of the Station Fire video and runs till 7:00 when the camera man is running to talk to fireman...there is silence then a sing songy voice starts at 6:57 and makes a statement that runs till 7:00 and it completely out of place for that time....please give it a listen thank you

  7. When my husband passed away this summer I wished desperately to get a sign from him and I did. A week or so after he passed a friend took me out for dinner and we chose a table on the patio since it was empty. During that time a man walked by (inebriated) and leaned in to talk to us about his departed wife whom he loved more than life itself. He finished with, "she said I had beautiful blue eyes". When my husband passed they come into the room and ask you to donate the eyes. I told them if it were any other part it would be different but not those beautiful blue eyes. My daughter reminded me that I mentioned those beautiful blue eyes often while we were at the hospital with him. When the man said it he leaned in and looked at me and pointed to his eyes and I just knew my husband had come through him. My daughter and I have had other signs but that one I love the most. I found your interview with Bob Olsen on Remembrance Day and while perhaps not a sign it did remind me to reflect back on how many signs I've had and to smile. If you can smile after losing your young son then I can start smiling again too. Thank you for sharing your signs. with love, Barb

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    1. Hi Dave, I was hopping you had a message for me but apparently it's for you. I was replaying the video you gave for afterlifetv and there is a delay between your voice and the image. Watch what happens between 7:41 and 7:51

  9. Joana Santos are you referring to the video showing the faces and some movement but not really talking?

  10. Hello Dave I was hoping you could contact me as I am also am a author of bestseller Rainbows Butterflies & One Last Hug and it talks about the the signs our children send us as I lost a son and daughter to Cystic fibrosis while in their 20's and also have a radio show and would love for you to be as guest co host email address is you Peggy S Imm Anesi

  11. My husband passed in May 2013. In 2 weeks it will be one year. I have had quite a few signs from him and would like to share 2 of my favorite ones.
    1) about a week after he died I was telling a friend that I was concerned because I hadn't 'heard' from him or felt him around me. That moring at 6:23am, my phone rang once. I looked at the clock but it stopped ringing before I could reach for it or look at the phone. Then it started to ring again a few times and I picked it up. It was our friend that we had lived with after hurricane Sandy. I asked my friend why he was calling me so early and he said that his phone had just rung once and when he looked at the caller ID it said the call was coming from my house. So his phone rang once at the same time mine did. I was home alone sleeping so no one in the house could have called him
    2) this one just happened a few weeks ago. I hadn't gotten a sign in a while and I had read about feathers being a sign. I asked my husband in my head if he could send me a feather sign. I kept looking for feathers after that but didn't see any that day or the next day so I figured maybe he can't send feathers and I forgot about it. On the 3rd day I was making my coffee in the morning and put it in my travel mug as always. I put the mug in my tote bag. 10 minutes later I was on the train and I took out the mug. Right on the part of the mug where you put your lips to sip it was a tiny white feather! I was so shocked! I don't have a bird at home or even down pillows! I washed the mug in the sink, put my coffee in it and put it in my bag!

  12. I saw you tonight in Mattapoisett, and you were exceptional. I enjoyed just being with that crowd and was really quite amazed with how well the show went. It was a great performance, and I thank you.

  13. Hi Dave, I met you in prov at pnb, I just watched your interview with Bob Olson. I attended a haunted history night in Wareham, Jeff Belanger caught a womans voice answering his question of who's there, " Its me" in clear as abell in a womans voice. I went to get a reading from Tiffany Rice which was fantastic. but took the ghost hunting as a lesson. One guy talking to spitits using a flashlight got a 1 inch scratch on the back of his neck. It looked painful. I wouldn't try it without a really good medium.

  14. I get signs regularly from my loved ones. The most recent was the other day when I was sitting in this very chair, and "someone" ruffled the top of my hair. There is no breeze in here, and my hair is pretty straight and lies very flat. There's no explanation for it. This is just one example of many over the years :)

  15. Hi Dave

    I just finished watching your interview with Bob Olson. It really touched me. I just lost my wife 4 months ago and thanks God she too sent me signs of her presence, it helped, but still every day is painful. I can see the transformation you had from your son's departure, even if I don't know you, I can feel you were totally transformed. I guess it was a blessing for you and your wife, real Love from the soul world. Thank you for being there.

    Frederick(Montreal, Canada)

  16. Thank you for sharing your story with all of us. In the midst of this tragedy you have found hope and have given that to other people. I saw your interview with Bob Olson on YouTube today, and I appreciated what you had to say. Four and a half years ago I thought I was receiving signs from my dead relatives, but it was hard for me to receive them because of the fear I had associated with the messages. Your story has helped me to realize that I need to get over the fear, and release the blocks I've had because of it. I can feel the tremendous love your family holds for each other and for the world at large, and I can feel the presence of your son as you speak of him. That love is a beautiful and amazing thing. Thanks again. Love, Ryn

  17. I just happened upon your YouTube interview with Bob Olson this morning. I woke up with my Iphone next to me in the bed (as usual) and this interview: Signs from Spirit was lit up on the phone like it had just played. I listened to it out of curiosity after I got up and now I am going to order your book and the movie. Thank you! I lost my son Dustin on December 23rd - less than 4 months ago. 6 months prior to that I lost my beloved brother and sister-in-law suddenly before him. It's been a crummy year. I'm now getting to the point where I'm wanting to investigate hearing from them and keeping an open mind to life beyond death. So maybe this is my first sign...finding you talking about Nick on my Iphone this morning. Thank you again. Sue

    1. I lost my daughter on the same day you lost your son. Weird that I got here by happenstance. I hope things have gotten better for you.Man,those 1st couple of years were hard.

  18. Hi Everybody! I have also received "signs" and "messages" from you Mother since her death on July 2, 2014. So far I have recorded 189 "visits" in a journal. They all make me smile! I ALWAYS know it is her. I have always been a believer. I never DREAMED I would ever be lucky enough to receive messages like this. I feel blessed.

    Susan Sample Lyons
    Bradenton, FL

  19. Hello, My name is Meagen and on October 6 2016 I lost my Husband David. I have been searching for signs from him that he is clearly trying to give me but I have yet to learn how to rest my grief long enough for him to flow his loving energy to me. I am wondering if you have any advise for me on this.
    We were attached at the hip in this physical life and I know he is here...I am inspired by your testimony. It bring a little Hope to an unimaginable loss.
    Thank you and I hope you are always blessed in your journey here on this physical earth.

  20. Hi Dave,
    Great interview with Bob Olson. I lost my husband 13 months ago, in October of 2016. We were super close. I get so many signs every week. But until your interview I was always a bit unsure as to believe they were all really signs. Now I know. Thank you so much.